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Home » 2010 » November » 11 » Sprint turns iPod Touch into cell phone
Sprint turns iPod Touch into cell phone
Added by: Ankh
Friday, 12 Nov 2010, 00.16

It's a great idea: Sprint, a carrier that probably won't be selling a real iPhone anytime soon, can sorta deliver one to its customers by selling a case that connects an iPod Touch to the carrier's 3G network.

And that's just what the ZTE Peel does. It wraps around the iPod and creates a secure Wi-Fi network that the Touch links to. For $80 up front and then $30 per month, that is. (No contract, though!) Another speed bump: It only works on older iPod Touches, not the ones Apple currently is selling.
OK, so it's got pricing and compatibility issues, and it's pretty bulky, since it packs its own battery that you have to remember to recharge. But let's look at the bright side! If you go in on this, you will be able to fool at least some people into thinking you have an iPhone. And if you need help with that, you're in luck, because Lifehacker just updated their definitive guide to converting an iPod Touch into a phone.

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