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Added by: Ankh
Friday, 12 Nov 2010, 00.26

Dreading traffic jams this holiday season? There are apps for that. The advent of GPS-enabled cellphones has generated a wave of applications, many of them free, that turn drivers into veritable traffic reporters.

Here’s how they work: Your GPS-enabled phone automatically transmits bits of data to Waze, Inrix, Google and other traffic app makers that show where you are and how fast you’re moving. Some apps also allow users to report accidents, closed roads or construction (when parked or in standstill traffic, of course). Each company then combines the information to get an idea of traffic conditions and distributes that across its network.
Call it crowd-sourcing from your car. While you are fuming in traffic on I-95, other drivers can benefit from that information and avoid getting stuck themselves. In turn, you get free traffic reports from other ... Read More »

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Added by: Ankh
Friday, 12 Nov 2010, 00.24

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, a late entrant in the booming tablet market, will take on Apple's iPad with competitive pricing of its rival Playbook device.
The Canadian firm's tablet, set to launch in the first quarter of next year, will start contributing to its sales "right at the gate," said RIM Co-Chief Executive Jim Balsillie.
RIM, which later said it will sell the PlayBook for less than $500, is confident the 7-inch tablet would help sustain "fast sales growth," Balsillie said.

"You have seen the smartphone market just explode...we are in the right sweet spot... This idea that there are two players and a small pie and they are divvying that between them — you are missing the point," Balsillie told Reuters in an interview on the sidelines of the G20 CEO Summit in Seoul.
Balsillie was referring to a perceived two-way battle f ... Read More »

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Added by: Ankh
Friday, 12 Nov 2010, 00.23

It’s easy to fall in love on an island. “I wore a bikini for five days straight and never put on real clothes for anything,” recalls Christina Greer, a New York professor who took a vacation to Panama’s Bocas del Toro a few years back with her boyfriend. “We went dolphin watching and snorkeling all day,” Greer says. “It was total relaxation.”

Slideshow: World's most romantic islands
The two are now married and have visited 15 countries together on a tireless quest to uncover the world’s most romantic destinations.
Being marooned in the middle of the ocean with your beloved brings out the starry-eyed traveler in all of us. Travel agent Julia Douglas runs Jetset World Travel, a Virtuoso-member agency that attracts well-heeled couples looking for ultra-romantic escapes. Her clients often use words like “authentic,” “exclusive,” and “pampered” to d ... Read More »

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Added by: Ankh
Friday, 12 Nov 2010, 00.21

If you think FaceTime on the new iPhone is cool, you probably can't wait for the age of holo-chat. A new holographic technology being developed at the University of Arizona could eventually let us interact with lifelike images of friends living across the globe.

Arizona researchers have made their first demonstration of a holographic display that projects 3-D images from another location in near-real time. The images are static, but they are refreshed every two seconds, creating a strobe-like effect of movement.The researchers hope to improve the new technology over the next few years to bring higher resolution and faster image streaming.
"What we have come up with is a new technique to build three-dimensional telepresence, which means that we can take objects from one location and show them in another location in 3-D in near-real time," said Nasser ... Read More »

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Added by: Ankh
Friday, 12 Nov 2010, 00.18

Forget the airport taxi: from the Persian Gulf to Punta Cana and Hong Kong to Bora-Bora, upscale hotels, resorts, lodges, and safari camps are perfecting the art of the unique arrival. These days, a “shuttle” to the hotel is more likely to be a helicopter or a speedboat than a lowly minivan. Or it may be something even more dramatic … anyone for some paragliding?

Whoever said “Getting there is half the fun” was clearly on to something, especially where today’s high-end lodgers are concerned. Whether by sea, air, or ingenious — and often indigenous — overland passage, many travelers these days are being treated to holiday thrills well before they actually arrive at their holiday destination.
Slideshow: World's coolest hotel transfers
Of course, the idea of packing luxury and leisure into every travel moment — while providing hotels a unique op ... Read More »

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Added by: Ankh
Friday, 12 Nov 2010, 00.16

It's a great idea: Sprint, a carrier that probably won't be selling a real iPhone anytime soon, can sorta deliver one to its customers by selling a case that connects an iPod Touch to the carrier's 3G network.

And that's just what the ZTE Peel does. It wraps around the iPod and creates a secure Wi-Fi network that the Touch links to. For $80 up front and then $30 per month, that is. (No contract, though!) Another speed bump: It only works on older iPod Touches, not the ones Apple currently is selling.
OK, so it's got pricing and compatibility issues, and it's pretty bulky, since it packs its own battery that you have to remember to recharge. But let's look at the bright side! If you go in on this, you will be able to fool at least some people into thinking you have an iPhone. And if you need help with that, you're in luck, because Lifehacker just upd ... Read More »

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Added by: Ankh
Friday, 12 Nov 2010, 00.09

With long days of AP classes, evenings and weekends overloaded with homework and extracurricular activities, endless studying for SATs and ACTs, filling out college applications and writing the dreaded college essays, it's high-stress time for many high school seniors.
“I’ve only seen the high stakes of college increase pressure in families,” said Fred Kaelin, executive director of Dynamy Internship Year, a U.S.-based residential gap year program. “The idea of any kind of pause almost doesn’t even dawn on people.”

Taking a gap year — time off between high school and college — is designed to be a break from academics before college, for personal growth, travel, or to participate in community service or internships. It is common in a number of European countries and Australia.
Experts say no one tracks the exact numbers of American students taki ... Read More »

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Added by: Ankh
Friday, 12 Nov 2010, 00.05

General Electric Co plans to buy 25,000 electric vehicles by 2015 for its corporate fleet and to lease to customers, in a move it said could help speed acceptance of the technology.
The largest U.S. conglomerate initially will buy 12,000 vehicles made by General Motors Co, including the forthcoming Chevrolet Volt. It plans to buy other manufacturers' electric vehicles as they are introduced.

GE makes equipment for the electric grid that will charge these vehicles and owns a stake in battery maker A123 Systems . It estimated that it could generate $500 million in electric vehicle-related revenue over the next three years.
( is a joint venture of Microsoft and NBC Universal.)
The cars will go both into GE's fleet of cars and trucks used by staff and be leased out by a unit of GE Capital that leases cars and other vehicles to busi ... Read More »

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Added by: Ankh
Thursday, 11 Nov 2010, 23.59

The iPad needed a nemesis, and this month Samsung offers up the first credible one.
To some, the Galaxy Tab is a compact — or just too small — iPad wannabe; to others, it's a stretched-out version of the popular Galaxy S Android phone, minus the ability to make calls. But to Steve Jobs, it should be a flaming arrow in the iPad's thatched roof. One little fire may be easy for Apple to douse, but it's the first of many arrows. Things are gonna burn.

I've been playing with Sprint's version of the Galaxy Tab for a few days now, and while I was immediately struck by its likeability, it's far from perfect. As I'll explain, every minor advantage over the iPad comes with a potentially major tradeoff. And while the 7-inch tablets are "cheaper" than Apple's 10-inchers, that's only because they are attached to wireless plans and two-year contracts. iPads gener ... Read More »

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Added by: Ankh
Thursday, 11 Nov 2010, 23.47

Following mounting public protests, a self-published book advocating adult-child sex is no longer available for sale on Amazon.
The book, " The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover's Code of Conduct" by Philip R. Greaves II, includes graphic "first person" descriptions of a child's sexual encounters with an adult, "presented as an adult's recollection of his youthful experience," as well as advice to pedophiles afraid of becoming the center of retaliation. The electronic book, which is not illustrated, was available for Inc.'s Kindle e-reader.

Yesterday, Amazon defended the sale of the book, issuing a public statement. "Amazon believes it is censorship not to sell certain books simply because we or others believe their message is objectionable," it read. "Amazon does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts, however, we do support ... Read More »

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